The Hafjell Scene 

You might already be aware that the site for the Nordic Shore build is the resort of Hafjell, just outside of Lillehammer, Norway. What you may not know is that the resort of Hafjell hosted the '94 Winter Olympics and during the winter, is a huge and very popular ski resort. Hafjell offers a variety of other activities too like rafting and paintballing so there's loads to do all year round!

As for the riding, Hafjell already has a very cool scene, some amazing riders, amazing north shore and the best permanent DH run in Norway (used for the last 2 years in the Norwegian DH Cup and the chosen course for next years Norwegian Championship). The build quality of the current trails and north shore is excellent, trust us!

Want proof? Check out for some pics of the trails and local riders. The site itself is in Norwegian but if you don't speak the lingo it doesn't matter, the pics speak for themselves!

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Number 1 

The nice people at the NUMBER1 are going to be putting on the food for the D3 weekend and they'll also be organising the Jågermeister party on the Sunday night complete with Jågermeister girls!!

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D3 - The test... 
The main purpose of this D3 weekender is testing and design. Riders testing the trails, trails testing the riders and, above all, everyone testing the park's future! (No need to worry about bringing your shovel just yet!)

When you arrive you'll be given a map which will allow you to map out your ideas for possible future routes and improvements to existing trails.

This will also be our first opportunity to work together with Hafjell, the amazing resort within which Nordic Shore will be built, which we're really looking forward to.

As we've said before to make Nordic Shore a reality we need you're support and have already had a great deal of interest in both Nordic Shore and the D3 weekend from around the world.

So raid your piggy bank, grab your bike, get out here for D3 and help design and test the 'shore to it's limits!

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D3 Weekender 

From 19th - 22nd August we're organising D3, a weekend of testing and partying. We want as many riders as possible to come along and sample the existing DH, XC and north shore trails at Nordic Shore in Hafjell, Norway.

There's going to be a welcome BBQ and party on the Friday night, a day's riding on the Saturday and party in the evening and on Sunday we're arranging a proper DH race with prizes etc. followed in the evening with the wind down party and an opportunity to tell us your thoughts on what you'd like to see more/less of and any design ideas you have for next years build.

Prices are being finalised at the moment but the ball park cost of the weekend, including flights, transfers, 3 nights accomodation, lift/ride pass, BBQ and a couple of free beers should be around £280.

We need as many people as possible to come along as we need to convince the resort that Nordic Shore can pull in riders and in return, we're sure you won't be dissappointed.

Join us and be a part of making this Park happen.

More info to follow as we get it....

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Cold Feet 

Norway. It's full of Ice and snow and freezing all year round right?


Today in Oslo the top temp. is 24ºC/75ºF (there's a link to the local weather in the links on the right) and, when you consider that at this time of year the Sun is out for longer further north then this means that you can get an incredible amount of riding done in one day and still party in daylight!

Don't belive us?

Ditch your snow shoes, burn your Parka, get out here and see for yourself...

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You Dig? 

Want to help us build a huge, new bike park in Central Norway?

We are looking for volunteers to come and help us build next summer.

Plans for the build include a World Cup DH course, a World Cup 4X course and 4 different grades of North Shore. All volunteers will receive 1 Year’s FREE ride pass, Access All Areas at the Grand Opening, a discount card for Bike/Equipment hire and the opportunity to say that YOU took part in making this park happen!

In addition there’ll be lots more than just digging going on including a Lake Jump, Foam Pit, Jump School with Curtis Bikes, BBQ’s, parties and, of course, drink!

If you are interested please drop us a mail at and leave your Name, E-mail, and, if you like, your address and phone number.

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Welcome to the Nordic Shore blog. We're going to be posting here to keep everyone updated on the progress of Nordic Shore and any other general news so bookmark us and keep up with developments at the 'Shore'.

For those who don't know Nordic Shore is part of a new bike park being built in Central Norway.

It is to be sited at Hafjell (the home of the '94 Winter Olympics) and is just an hour and a half away from Oslo by train and less than two hours flight from Stansted. The mountain itself is 1150 meters above sea level and has 8 lifts. Hafjellfreeride Klubb have already built 6 DH runs, 3 of which will be marked for the weekend the longest of which is 5.5km with a vertical descent of 900m, 300km of XC and single track and a small amount of North shore.

We are working with Curtis Bikes to supply the Hire bikes for the jump park and 4x track. We are looking for volunteers to come and help build next summer. We need to have a list of as many people as possible to help convince the Directors of the Alpine centre to give us some money to build more trails. Anyone who helps will get a free years pass and an invite to the grand opening. Hopefully with the help of the Curtis team and you guys we will get this park up and running as quickly as possible.

If you are interested please drop us a mail at and leave your; Name, E-mail, and, if you like, your address and phone number.

Watch this space for future developments!!
Thanks guys. Beau

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