If you go down to the woods today.... 

...you're sure of a big surprise! This is the latest of the Norwegian Shorecrew continget's drops. Go to the Nordic Shore Gallery and click on 'Freeride' to see more of the trails.

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DMR's new race shirt 
Very tasty new jersey from the guys at DMR

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DMR want your views! 
DMR are after your views on the latest colour scheme for the prototype Transition. Gets a thumbs up from me (Tony) but let them know your thoughts.

DMR Latest News

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Kona 2007 
He's a look at the new Kona range for '07. Check out the new Stab and the Pinky Stinky!

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Get the Edge 

The Edge magazine was relaunched on the 10th June and is now a showcase for riders wanting to show their design/photographic/editorial skills.

All issues are available to download from their site but why not get your own work in there too. Next issue's theme is 'abstract' so get the cogs whiring and get those camera batteries charged!

The Edge

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Red Bull Goldmine on Freesports 

Freesports on Channel 4 are showing highlights of the Red Bull Gold Mine, the DH race that was held underground in a Brazilian Mine. Our very own Gee Atherton took the win.

Check out the action on Freesports, Channel 4 on Sunday 25th June @ 08.25 (might have to set the video!)

Red Bull
Atherton Racing

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Le Parkour 
Parkour has been in the media quite a bit recently over in the UK and I thought would be relevant to put some info up here about it.

For those who don't know, Parkour is the art of using just the human body to pass any obsticle and, to put it into MTB terms, is like a mixture of Trials and Freeride but without the bike!

It's an incredible art that requires supreme confidence, skill, hard work and above all a strong mind. I am always in awe of these guys and I see so many similarities to the way we bikers approach things.

Check out the clips and pics on the site below and make sure you read about the great David Belle!


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New Site is finally up! 

Phew, we finally did it! The new site is now up and runnning with the Shore forum, some new wallpapers and you can now get yourself some Shorewear to cover your naughty bits and stop you getting cold/burnt!

Check out the new site now!

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