I Got Rhythm... 

My beloved trailstar was nicked from outside work about 4 weeks ago and I have now given up hope of ever seeing her again. Luckily I had the bike insured as a special item on my house contents insurance so I was able to get a replacement, the Rhythm.

Two weeks later I took delivery of the Rhythm with the standard Dirt Jam fork swapped out for a DJ3 and a set of Hopes up front. I've only been out on it a couple of times but it feels like a real hibryd of my Trailstar and my BMX (which i guess it is!).

I'll whack a review up as soon as I've given it a good run in.

Fat Tony

PS. Once my claim was processed I was forwarded to a company called Wheelies Direct. Previous atempts to claim on insurance have always been very frustrating so imagine my amazement when not only were the guys at Wheelies really cool, they also knew their stuff and were able to get hold of almost anything for me and had a real 'you've got X to spend, what do you want?' attitude. If you insure your bike in the UK make sure they use these guys!

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New World MTB Distance Jump Record in North Wales, UK!! 

Congrats to Jason Rennie (no known relation to Nathan!) who set the new World MTB Distance Jump Record in North Wales, UK!!
Check out the clip here!

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Godt Nytt r/Happy New Year! 
From all of the 'Shore Crew we hope you had a cool Christmas, that Santa brought you everything you wanted and hope you get to spend as much of 2006 on two wheels as possible!!

The 'Shore Crew

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Reviewed: Curtis Thumpercross 

Beau reviews Curtis' big, steel 'crowd puller'....
Read the review...

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Reviewed: BT Ninja 365 trials frame 

Top Norwegian trials rider and all round bloody nice bloke <b>Ole Hall</b> has sent us a review of the BT Ninja 365 frame, so called because of the 365mm chainstays, yes 365mm!!
Sure there's a 'tight back end' joke in there somewhere...
Read the review...

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Reviewed: Kona Coiler Dee-Lux '05 

A completely unbiased review of Fat Tony's ride...honest Guv'nor.
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Reviewed: NWD6 Unchained DVD 

The shortest review in the world....ever!
Read the review...

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P*ssed as a...er, sheep?! 

The Flying Vikings have put some shots from the weekend up on their site including a couple of shots of a local joining them for 'dinner'! ;)


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