Bridgenorth Downtown street race 

Now this looks like it's going to be awesome!!


The Uk's 1st official Downtown street race take place on Sunday 15th October 2006 in Bridgnorth Shropshire.
Fast and furious racing in the faces of ordinary people, Come and race, scream, shout, support us in a downhill race with a difference on Sunday 15th October 2006,

Down Hill Mountain biking meets the streets, the difference is the race will swap the mud and the trees of the forests to the steep stone cobbled steps of the town.

24Seven is sponsoring the event which is open to every to race.
The UK's top Down Hill and 4X racers taking park all hoping to take a share of the £1000 prize money.

To give a new twist to what is the amazing sport of downhill mountain biking and raise the profile of downhill mountain biking to people both inside and outside of the sport. We are undertaking a bike race down the steps and through the streets of Bridgnorth.

This is no small undertaking; it has taken over 12 months work to get the 5 roads closed in Bridgnorth town centre to make this event happen. We have received an enthusiastic response from the local people who want to see this amazing race on their streets.

Riders competing against the clock on a short downhill track. We have the UK’s stars of mountain biking taking part in the event.

The Following High Profile Riders Have Been confirmed: Gee & Dan Atherton, Dave Wardell & Scott Beaumont.

Invited riders (to be confirmed): Steve Peat (Current DH world champion), Marc Beaumont, Neil Donaugh, Rob Warner & Martin Ogden.

The course starts in the high town & finishes down in the low town after winding its way down over two sets of very steep steps, crossing two roads and emerging on the river front for a sprint to the finish line.

The following prize money is being offered: 1st £1000*; 2nd £500*; 3rd £250*

Sunday 15th October 2006

10.30am -11.00am set up and final preparation of course
11.00am – 1.30pm practice runs for riders and press call
2.00pm – 5.00pm race & photo call
5pm onwards prize giving and after-party at the Rugby Club

Bridgnorth, Shropshire
Shropshire is on the border of North Wales and is surrounded by Cheshire, Staffordshire, and Herefordshire & Worcestershire. Shropshire is approximately 3 hours from London, an hour or so from Manchester and only 40 minutes from Birmingham.

The town is divided in two - a high town and low town. There are caves, a castle, a cliff railway, a civil war and catastrophes that all had a bearing on the town you see today.

By Rail - is linked by a regular main line rail service
By Car - Bridgnorth connects to the M6 and motorway network via the M54. The A49, A5, A53, A458 all make Shropshire easily accessible.
The Car Parking location is off the main A442 next to the playing fields (Rugby & Football). There is parking on the Grass or Hard Standing and a very large space for displays, Trade Stands Etc.

The rugby club will be open during and after the event to keep spectators adequately hydrated.

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Innit Clothing Unlimited - Big up the Croydon Massive! 

OK so I've been living in Croydon for nearly 30 years now and I've finally come to accept that I'll probably be here for another 30 years. So to celebrate* I've started Innit, the premium Planet Croydon clothing brand.

Unlike Croydon the clothing is of fine quality, doesn't smell of piss and won't give you a kicking just so it can nick a pound off you. Take home a piece of Croydon today :)

Fat Tony
*soothe the ever deepening pain

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Chris 'Doc' Boudreaux and Brookyln Machine Works part company 

Sad news that Chris 'Doc' Bourdreax has left Brooklyn Machine Works. Here's the official deal...



NEW YORK, NY--- Chris “Doc” Boudreaux is leaving Brooklyn Machine Works after ten years as company co-owner and head of downhill frame design.

As one of the top frame designers and builders on the East Coast, Chris Boudreaux is as unique as the city he lives in: Formal training and experience as a MD, and a life-long passion as a rider, from BMX to downhill racing. Chris’s skills and talents have made him a visionary among high-end framebuilders, and an icon among riders who want the best downhill, dirt jumping and BMX rigs that money can buy.

Doc’s most notable accomplishments during his time at BMW include several generations of downhill frame designs, which were the staple of the company’s business. The TMX, Minilink and Racelink bicycles became world famous for durability, performance and customer satisfaction.

Over the years, this high level of customer satisfaction became a cult-like fanaticism. The feedback from these enthusiastic customers, combined with the sheer joy of hurtling through the woods down the side of a mountain, promoted Doc to continue to refine the designs, and bring them into production for the enjoyment of the masses.

“I started my riding career in BMX racing in 1979, and bicycles have been my
main passion ever since,” says Boudreaux, who grew up outside of Baltimore,
Maryland. “Over the years of riding and racing, I began to dream of product
ideas of my own.”

As Boudreaux matured, so did his interests in bicycle competition, moving from
BMX to observed trials in the late 1980s. The precision that was demanded of him
in trials riding was the perfect complement to the time Boudreaux spent attending Mt. Sinai Medical School in New York City. He earned his MD in 1993 as a specialist
in infectious diseases and orthopedics then served as a Centers for
Disease Control and Prevention liaison to the NYC Department of Health until
1996, when he reached the proverbial fork in the road – should the rest of his
life follow career, or his passion?

“I had the kind of opportunity that doesn’t happen very often,” says Boudreaux,
who spent what little free time he had riding and designing frames and components “The dreams that I had back then came together with the establishment of a new bicycle
company where I could follow my vision from concept, to design and manufacture,
to a finished product that not only I could ride, but others could enjoy as well.” Boudreaux became co-owner of a bike company that went against most, if not all, trends. His imaginative designs and skilled manufacturing talents attracted a hard-core cadre of customers who appreciated the small company for its all-steel downhill and dirt jumping frames.

Moving forward, it’s with hearty anticipation of the new challenges that motivate Boudreaux as he works on expanding upon his vast repertoire of frame designs. He is equally masterful at any step in the frame design and building process, whether it’s TIG welding steel, aluminum or titanium; CNC machine programming and operation; product management, graphics, and even fully testing the performance of the completed product.

Currently Doc is designing and planning the next generation. “Fabricating is fun and satisfying, and it’s not going to stop even though there is no actual company involved.” When the time is right he will once again get back to work on making and selling frames. In order to broaden his horizons in the meantime, he’s looking forward to working for and with other companies. If you’d like to talk or just say hey, definitely give a call. He’s an easy-going guy.

Thanks for your support!

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New GT Lopes 55 Signature Bike 

Check out GT's latest offering...


Lopes 55 GT production model - released in 2007

It is with great excitement that we announce the release of the Lopes 55 GT MTB special edition race bike.
The Lopes 55 GT will definitely get you some bragging rights; with a custom designed paint job, a special edition Lopes 4X Marzocchi fork and ODI grips that aren’t available to the public any where else.
This production model version of Lopes’ race bike is based on a GT Zaskar frame, designed with Brian’s 4X geometry. The Lopes 55 will first hit the European market on Dec/Jan followed by its US debut in Jan/February of 2007.
”I think it is one of the coolest looking bike in the GT line and I am really happy with how it was put together” said Brian Lopes 3X World Champion.
“The Lopes 55 is the closes thing to a factory works bike that we've ever offered. Some of the parts that are spec'd on this bike aren't even available over the counter. GT sells what it races and the Lopes 55 is proof of that.” Robert Kahler/GT Tech. Division.

- FORK: Marzocchi’s special edition Lopes 4X fork (80mm travel)
- CRANK-SET & BB: Shimano Saint
- RR DER: Shimano XTR
- SHIFTER: Shimano
- CASSETTE: Shimano 9 speed
- CHAIN: Shimano
- TIRES: Kenda Nevegal
- BRAKES: Hayes El Camino Trail
- HANDLE BAR: Easton EA70 Monkey Bar
- STEM: Easton Havoc
- SEAT POST: Easton Aluminum
- SADDLE: Fizik Globe
- EXTRAS: MRP roller chainguide

- Head tube angle: 68 degrees
- Seat tube angle: 69 degrees
- Top tube length: 21.5"
- Chainstay length: 16.5"
- Bottom bracket drop: 7/8"

Retail for the Lopes-55 bike is $2,300 US. UK price TBC

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A weekend in Norway 

Just got back from an awesome weekend out in Norway. Went to the Søgne and Grimstad trails and got loads of video footage and shots so keep an eye out for the new entries in the gallery very soon!


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Edge Magazine - Issue 8 out now! 

Issue 8 of the Edge MTB magazine is finished and ready to download now from Some really good images in there and the new format of the mag is really starting to take shape so props to Martyn!

Check out the back image to see our entry this month and download Issue 7, if you haven't already, to see our "I heart winter" entry.

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Diamond Back Sabbath with G-Boxx internal tranmission! 

Now I don't know about you, but I think this looks the shizzle! Diamond Back have just unveiled their entry to the internal transmission market and it looks like a real weapon.

Here's a quote from Matt Beighton of DBUK from the Dirt site:

“Earlier this year we met Karl Nicolai, who unveiled the G-Boxx 2 and G-Con standard at the March ’06 Taipei show, not under the Nicolai brand but “Universal Transmissions,” at that show there were no other complete bikes apart from Nicolai’s own and a mock up of the Suntour bike. (The Suntour bike was designed in conjunction with Karl) Since then we have developed a new frame around the G-Boxx with UK riding conditions in mind. What you see here is our first pre production sample, it’s heat treated and fully functional. Key points are:

8.8” rear travel.
Main pivot in the centre of the drive sprocket, eliminates chain induced pull/bobbing.
Horizontal dropout (150 x 12mm) with chain tugs, this allows the use of a chain without a chain tensioning device (MRP etc) or sprung chain tensioner such as a rear mech as there is no chain “growth” The sprockets can run with a single speed 1/8th chain. (or standard 8/9 if required)
By moving all gears to the centre of the bike, the weight is low and central on the main frame. This means that the unsuspended swing arm will be more susceptible to up and down movement as it is lighter than on a conventional derailleur bike.
Ground clearance improved as no rear mech, less issues with mud as transmission enclosed.
Chain is stationary when you back pedal
You can change gear whether pedalling or freewheeling, a massive benefit once you get your head around it.
Near zero maintenance, transmission is immersed in oil, only needs changing every 5,000 km.

Spec is not finalised, and we may sell as a frame kit. (which would include the box, sprockets, Truvativ cranks, shifter). The one at the Eurobike show had a 14 speed G-Boxx 1, with a Rohlloff 14 speed twist shifter. Finished bikes will have the G-Boxx 2 9 speed which is Sram trigger shifter compatible. They should be good to go in March but quantities will be very limited. Pricing to be confirmed.”


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My first (proper) bike! - GT LTS 3000 

I just bought her back! This was my first 'propper' bike, the GT LTS 3000. Not sure what I was thinking on the frame size (21"!?) but back in '98, after snapping my crappy £99 rigid, I sold my car and bought this and the rest, as they say, is history.

Gave it a spit and polish this weekend and it's come up quite well. While cleaning it I spotted that the Rock Shox Indy's had 'long travel' written on them.....73mm of long travel! :)

Fat Tony

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