Diamond Back Sabbath with G-Boxx internal tranmission! 

Now I don't know about you, but I think this looks the shizzle! Diamond Back have just unveiled their entry to the internal transmission market and it looks like a real weapon.

Here's a quote from Matt Beighton of DBUK from the Dirt site:

“Earlier this year we met Karl Nicolai, who unveiled the G-Boxx 2 and G-Con standard at the March ’06 Taipei show, not under the Nicolai brand but “Universal Transmissions,” at that show there were no other complete bikes apart from Nicolai’s own and a mock up of the Suntour bike. (The Suntour bike was designed in conjunction with Karl) Since then we have developed a new frame around the G-Boxx with UK riding conditions in mind. What you see here is our first pre production sample, it’s heat treated and fully functional. Key points are:

8.8” rear travel.
Main pivot in the centre of the drive sprocket, eliminates chain induced pull/bobbing.
Horizontal dropout (150 x 12mm) with chain tugs, this allows the use of a chain without a chain tensioning device (MRP etc) or sprung chain tensioner such as a rear mech as there is no chain “growth” The sprockets can run with a single speed 1/8th chain. (or standard 8/9 if required)
By moving all gears to the centre of the bike, the weight is low and central on the main frame. This means that the unsuspended swing arm will be more susceptible to up and down movement as it is lighter than on a conventional derailleur bike.
Ground clearance improved as no rear mech, less issues with mud as transmission enclosed.
Chain is stationary when you back pedal
You can change gear whether pedalling or freewheeling, a massive benefit once you get your head around it.
Near zero maintenance, transmission is immersed in oil, only needs changing every 5,000 km.

Spec is not finalised, and we may sell as a frame kit. (which would include the box, sprockets, Truvativ cranks, shifter). The one at the Eurobike show had a 14 speed G-Boxx 1, with a Rohlloff 14 speed twist shifter. Finished bikes will have the G-Boxx 2 9 speed which is Sram trigger shifter compatible. They should be good to go in March but quantities will be very limited. Pricing to be confirmed.”


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My first (proper) bike! - GT LTS 3000 

I just bought her back! This was my first 'propper' bike, the GT LTS 3000. Not sure what I was thinking on the frame size (21"!?) but back in '98, after snapping my crappy £99 rigid, I sold my car and bought this and the rest, as they say, is history.

Gave it a spit and polish this weekend and it's come up quite well. While cleaning it I spotted that the Rock Shox Indy's had 'long travel' written on them.....73mm of long travel! :)

Fat Tony

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Reviewed: Mace Evac shorts and Mace Shackle gloves 

I've just put a couple of reviews for the Mace gloves and shorts I've been using lately. I'm a big fan of the look of the Mace Gear clothing and protection range and I wanted to see if they were more than just a pretty face. So I put a couple of their bits on my birthday list and crossed my fingers. Click on the links below to read the reviews:

Reviewed: Mace Evac shorts

Reviewed: Mace Shackle gloves

Fat Tony

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Iron Horse Sunday 2007 - Wold Champ bikes in Gold! 

Just check this out! Iron Horse have pimped their '07 World Champ Sundays with a sweet, sexy gold finish....dribble...dribble!


Iron Horse Bicycles is proud to announce the list of riders who will be representing Iron Horse at the 2007 UCI Mountain Bike World Championships. The roster includes fifteen individual riders, representing seven different countries, who will be competing at the event being held August 22-27 in Rotorua, New Zealand. These riders have all been selected by their national federations to compete based on their results throughout the 2006 season. The UCI World Championships is widely regarded as the most prestigious event on the mountain bike racing calendar.

Iron Horse sponsored riders competing at Worlds is as follows:

Elite Men’s Downhill
Sam Hill – Monster Energy/Iron Horse/Mad Catz - Australia
Duncan Riffle – Honda/Iron Horse – United States
Justin Havukainen - Monster Energy/Iron Horse/Mad Catz – United States
Sven Martin - Honda/Iron Horse – South Africa
Evan Turpen – Iron Horse/Fox Shox – United States

Elite Women’s Downhill
Sabrina Jonnier - Monster Energy/Iron Horse/Mad Catz – France
Anka Martin - Honda/Iron Horse – South Africa
Amy Laird – Iron Horse – New Zealand

Junior Men’s Downhill
Daniel Hultgen – Iron Horse – United States
Mitch Delfs – CVC/Iron Horse/Shimano – Australia
Luke Gowans – Iron Horse – Australia
Mike Davis – Iron Horse – New Zealand
Elias Somvi – Playbiker/Iron Horse – Italy
Erik Irmisch – Iron Horse/Jähn Products – Germany

Elite Men’s 4X
Lars Sternberg – Iron Horse/Fluidride – United States

To commemorate this event, Iron Horse is equipping these riders with limited edition 2007 model Sunday frames. These frames are painted Gold to serve as an inspiration to the athletes and thank them for their individual efforts throughout the 2006 season.

The World Championships also marks the official release of the 2007 Sunday frame. The Iron Horse Sunday has been the world’s most desired downhill weapon for the past three seasons. Featuring the patented dw-link suspension system, the Sunday has been raced to countless World Championship, World Cup Series, Norba Series, US Open, and National Championship victories and podium finishes. For 2007 the best just got better with the addition of new 10-MIL shock hardware, F7 forged 7075T6 links, OPT 6069 tubing, custom Enduro MAX-E bearings, and 7075 T6 O-Pivots. 2007 Sunday frames will be available to the public in September through Iron Horse dealers and distributors across the globe.

For more info on the dw-link, the world’s most advanced bicycle suspension system please visit www.dw-link.com

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Whistler "Air Dome" open to public! 

Whistler Blackcomb's Air Dome's gone public, here's what they've got to say:

WHISTLER, BC, August 8, 2006 ˆ Riders who like to spend more time in the air than on the ground have cause to celebrate with the launch of Whistler Blackcomb's Air Dome to the public slated for the remainder of the summer season, August 12 until October 9, 2006.

"Whistler Blackcomb‚s Air Dome is the only mountain bike specific foam pit training facility in the world," says Rob McSkimming, VP of Business Development at Whistler Blackcomb. "Combine the potential our Air Dome with the Whistler Mountain Bike Park and you have the world‚s ultimate arena for progression right here in Whistler."

The Air Dome features a massive pit with multiple in-runs filled to the brim with $26,000 worth of foam, a table-top ramp, a quarter-pipe, a half-pipe, and wall rides. Located at Base II and easily accessed by the Magic Chair at the base of Blackcomb Mountain, the Air Dome was first introduced earlier this summer to riders taking part in the Summer Gravity Camps (SGC).

"The level of progression that a facility like the Air Dome can drive was really illustrated to us through the achievements of two young local riders that competed in last months Kokanee Crankworx," says McSkimming. "Alex Prochazka and Kyle MacDonald of Whistler were both working on backflips in the Air Dome‚s foam pit prior to competing in the Kokanee Slopestyle. They mastered the move in the dome and then pulled it out in competition to successfully compete against the world‚s best. Fifteen year old Kyle competed in the finals and ranked 17th out of a field of 86 athletes."

Public access to the Air Dome will provide the ultimate learning experience for riders looking to take their technical skills to the next level. The Air Dome is a supervised facility and all of the features can be used to learn intricate tricks such as barrel rolls, 360's, tail whips and even double backflips in a safer manner with less potential consequence than what is possible when training on dirt. Basic air awareness and less technical moves can also be learned in the Air Dome.

"The Air Dome allowed my campers to progress in a controlled and safe environment," says Andrew Shandro, Director of Summer Gravity Camps. "It is the perfect training facility."

More details, openning times etc here

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I stumbled across this site the other day and there are some great resources for UK biking and a sweet gallery too! Check out moredirt.co.uk for more info.

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Afan Uplifts!! 

God bless Mr. Geraint Wilson who is now offering uplifts at Afan Forest! You can cram in all that lovely DH singletrack without passing out and being asked by well meaning fellow cyclists if you're 'all right mate?' as you puff your way up the snaking climbs!

Here's what the site says:

The shuttle runs every Sat and Sun from 8.30am to 5pm at the Glyncorrwg Mountain Bike Centre and Afan Forest Park car park

The price is £5 per person per track or £25 for a day ticket (unlimited drop-offs )

There is a minimum of 2 people and a maximum of 7

This service runs right through the year, and from April will run seven days 8.00am to 8.00pm

There is no need to book at weekends unless you want a day ticket

Booking recommended for mid week and night rides

The service will take you from either centre up to any point on SKYLINE, WHITES LEVEL, THE WALL and PENHYDD. It will also pick you up from local bus and train stations and drop you at either centre and return you to the station at the end of the day

For more info visit Afan Adventure

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New Charge Bikes 

These bikes are abosulutely mint and in our opinion an absolute bargain too! They should be available in UK shops by the end of August so if you're in the market for a steel hardtail you should SERIOUSLY consider a Charge.

IRON COMPLETE 24" - £449

BLENDER MID 26" - £599

BLENDER HIGH 26" - £899

STOVE 26" - £299

For more info visit www.chargebikes.com

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