Reviewed: Kona Coiler Dee-Lux '05 

A completely unbiased review of Fat Tony's ride...honest Guv'nor.
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Reviewed: NWD6 Unchained DVD 

The shortest review in the world....ever!
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P*ssed as, sheep?! 

The Flying Vikings have put some shots from the weekend up on their site including a couple of shots of a local joining them for 'dinner'! ;)

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Tusen takk! 

The run up to an event, and the event itself, is always busy but it's been really hectic the past week or so too, so appologies for the delayed post!

In spite of the Saturday evening being completely rained off (it didn't stop Ole and Kristian who decided to do a trials display anyway!) , those that turned up to ride had great weather on both days.

As our first event it was a steep learning curve for us and we had some bad luck thrown into the mix but we had some great riding with some competitive times on the DH race, a thick layer of style thrown down in the dirt jumping comp and Nils from the Flying Vikings emptying his trick bag. We're writing up the full reports for the weekend now and we're hoping to get them on the site (which is also being redesigned) as soon as possible so keep your eyes peeled.

Most importantly we'd like to thank everybody who showed up to ride and everyone who gave us their support in the run up to and over the weekend. We were extremely gratefull for everyones help and input which will help us make the next event (which we've already started planning!) bigger and better!

Tussen takk/Thanks!

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Bell Enger/661 on board! 

Norway's 661 importer, the very cool guys at Bell Enger AS, will be sponsoring D3 this weekend and have given us a load of cool gear for the competition prizes. You can check out their site and we're hoping to work with these guys on future events!

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D3 - Flying Vikings MX display 


Flying Vikings will be putting on an awesome MX display on the Saturday night at D3. These guys are insane, just check out the link below for pics and movie clips!

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D3 - Trials display... 


We've got a trials display arranged for the Friday night (22nd) with Norway's top Trials riders, Ole Hall and Kristian Nauf and these guys rock!

Go to and click 'video' for some samples!

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D3 - Other activities... 

If you get bored of riding and drinking (!!?) then there's loads of other stuff to do here including hitting the Wheelbobs (a summer bobsled) and the Funkarts!!

Speed: 100km/h
G-force: 3 G
Track lenght from start to finish: 1365 m
Time: 65-70 seconds

Speed: 40 km/h

The cost is NOK 225 (about 19 - 20) for both!

Now, the disclaimer bit - All wheelbobs are steered by an authorised pilot. The wheelbob is specially designed for carrying tourists and are caged. All passengers must wear helmets (and back support) and safety unstructions are given by the pilot before the ride. We do not recommend wheelbob for people who suffer from, or have had any neck- or back problems or injuries of any kind. Those with any heart or lung disorders are also advised to refrain from taking the wheelbob ride.

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